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december 1st
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Should i start a new blog?

I’ve been thinking, maybe i should start a new blog, start writing. Since I am starting new journey in my life, finishing high school and starting college it’s pretty much like starting a new chapter in my life. So why not start? Well im still thinking about it :)

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Which one to get Aden? Hmm..help? :)

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I haven’t been on tumblr in forever! I’ve been so busy this year with everything its crazy.

Anyways lets update..

On Monday.Wednesday. and Thursday. I go to school.

On Tuesday and Friday I go to Southwestern College for my CNA class.

On Tuesday and Thursday I volunteer at City Heights Community Development Center.

On Monday.Wednesday and Friday I have Volleyball practice.

And on Friday. Saturday. and Sunday I have work.

I really don’t have time for much else but everything has been pretty good so far i guess, being busy keeps me away from all the bad things and stuff i shouldn’t waste my time on. Another things is being independent, its a new thing but I rather get use to it now then be on my own and start everything.

4 years ago

put yourself in my shoes..

i am not taking it out of proportions. how weird is it to have people ask the questions they do. i am not mad at anyone, i just find it so weird and awkward how things are between us. you guys could do you’re own thing i could care less but i will always find it weird. i am not the only one who thinks it is. sometimes i just wish we never started to talked maybe then things wouldn’t be as weird..but oh well life happens.

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Apex 34 why are you still out of stock I’ve been waiting for you D: 
i miss long boarding!

Apex 34 why are you still out of stock I’ve been waiting for you D: 

i miss long boarding!

4 years ago

last night.

vincent and i were suppose to go to a party, he picked me up at 10 and we were heading to the party. once we got there the party was over haha! i didn’t know we were gonna go to the stay hungry party because i would’ve told him. but then we just went around and caught up on everything, sang in the car, and visited tapioca express. pretty chill/funny night. :D

4 years ago

Why are you pissed off? because i’m going out to a party with a friend that is leaving soon? because you’ve been wanting to hangout with me but we haven’t..we didn’t even talk today until i called you. idk i know we don’t hang out ask much as you want but we’re always up and down and we never really have a good time to hang out. well just to let you know i still care about you and you have nothing to worry about we will hang out when things are good.

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